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About Us

At VanDerbeck, Inc., we understand that for most people technology makes the world go around. And we also understand how quickly business comes to a standstill when there's a breakdown in the process. That's why we've developed a "one stop shop" for businesses like yours.

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Our Benefits

  • One reliable vendor
  • One consistent monthly payment
  • One contact for support
  • One point of accountability

Our Solutions

  • You have freedom to decide how much (or how little) technology you want to outsource with VanDerbeck, Inc. From content filtering, wireless access and bandwidth management to servers, software and backup systems, we have flexible managed solutions that fit the bill for every business, every time.


“Eddie VanDerbeck and VanDerbeck, Inc. have worked with MAP International’s IT staff on numerous occasions when technical and emergency needs were beyond what we could handle alone. Eddie has always provided responsive and professional excellence when required. MAP has been consistently rated by Forbes magazine among the top 10% of charities in America in terms of efficiency and low administrative costs. We have achieved this rating by only choosing the best to work alongside us in outside services needs. As a 30 year IT veteran, I understand when I see excellence, and I see it in VanDerbeck, Inc.!”

-Dennis Rice, Director of Information Technology,
MAP International

Get the expert in your corner.

To put it simply, you have better things to do than deal with technology. You
want time to build your business. To get to know your clients. To impact your bottom line. And you want to accomplish it all on schedule, without technology distractions or disasters.

As technology professionals, it’s our goal to help you get back to what is really important to you. That’s why we’ve simplified the business technology process for you – by managing your entire computing environment as an outsourced partner. We provide a full suite of managed technology services to meet your needs, including server and network management and PC support. Which is basically all of the technology and services a business needs.

Think about it. One point of contact and enough support to manage your entire business technology environment.
What more could you ask for?